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Suzhou's child-friendly city planning wins ISOCARP award

2023-04-24 |

The Suzhou Child Friendly City (CFC) Planning package submitted by a team of organizations led by CCDI (Suzhou) Exploration & Design Consultant Co.Ltd won the Award for Excellence at the 2022 International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP) World Planning Conference, which was held in Brussels, Belgium from Oct 2 to 6,2022.

ISOCARP, a non-governmental global association, was founded in 1965 in a bid to bring together recognized and highly qualified spatial planners in an international network. It now has members from over 90 countries. The ISOCARP awards, presented annually since 2005, are in three categories, namely Award for Excellence, Gerd Albers Award and Student Award. The Award for Excellence recognizes exceptionally innovative initiatives in the domain of urban and regional planning.

In the Suzhou CFC Planning package, SIP's student commuting bus service is mentioned as a typical practice. Under a project led by SIP Planning and Construction Committee, SIP began to pilot the bus service for students at SIP Jingcheng School in 2021 to alleviate traffic pressure near the school, and later rolled the service out to other schools.

Statistics show that, since the launch of the service, the proportion of Jingcheng School’s students going to school by bus has increased from 2.8% to 27.7%, and that of students going home from school by bus increased from 7.6% to 29.1%, while the proportions of drop-offs and pick-ups by private cars respectively dropped from 27.6% to 18.5%, and 18.9% to 12.9%.