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Join UPSC as a corresponding member!


UPSC is the Urban Planning Society of China, founded in 1956. We have thousands of planning members in: academia, government, institutes and agencies as well as consultancies and the private sector. Join this professional network and leading organization of planners to share with Chinese and international peers!


1.Endorsement of UPSC’s constitution

2.Years of academic experience in planning or an allied profession

3.Acquired knowledge of China’s urban and rural planning

4.Experience of urban and rural planning projects in mainland China


1. Filling in the Membership Form below

2. Acquirement of two recommendation letters from UPSC members

3. The secretariat forward your form for the approval by UPSC standing-council

4. Payment of membership fee (20$/year, 5 years a term)

5. Receipt of the certificate of corresponding member


·You will be able to use the title of UPSC corresponding member

·You will have networking opportunities with UPSC members all over China

·You will have the chance to participate as expert in the various UPSC programs

·You will enjoy reduced rates for UPSC events and publications and discounts at events of UPSC MOU partners (when applicable)

·You will be able to publish first in UPSC’s China City Planning Review (CCPR), various academic conferences papers, and other relative publications.

·You will receive regular newsletters and updates on the progress and achievements of our activities

·You will have your say about issues of your interest in UPSC.

Please fill in the form for the Admission of Corresponding Member and email it to LLB@PLANNING.ORG.CN , and wait for the reply for membership fee payment.

FORM [UPSC Corresponding Member Application].doc