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Joan Clos:Telling Chinese Stories

2019-05-08 | UPSC

UN-Habitat Executive Director Dr. Joan Clos send his video message at the opening ceremony of the 2016 National Planning Conference

Thank you very much for the invitation from Urban Planning Society of China (UPSC) that offers me to be present.

Unfortunately, I cannot be present physically,but I am very pleased to address you this messageof recognition of the work of UPSC.

60 years in history, it’s a uh quite a bit accomplishment,in the history of an institution like you.

But, take into account the huge process of urbanization of China,this is even more important.

And in that sense, this is why I am so pleased to address to you.

I think that you have a membership of around 7000 urban planners,which is a figure that we are always surprised by the CONTUTENCY in the case of the Chinese reality.

We are very interested in UN Habitat on urban evolution of China,because it is one of the cases where the linkage between urbanization and development has been clear from the beginning.

In fact, the policy of urbanization was specifically oriented to the policy of development.And I think that this is an example that you can provide to many countries in the world,of how urbanization involved with quality and good requirements can contribute to development of societies.

We are also very happy to have the contribution of the CHINESE case in the Habitat III conference in Quito,because I think that the conference in Quito now this October is going to be a HUGE opportunity to explain to the ones that still not understand the linkage between good quality of urbanization and understand this linkage, in order to [enable] they make the effort to increase the quality of urbanization.

It is very important, because the linkage of urbanization with development is clearly attached to the quality of urbanization.Poor urbanization tends to the development of poor development conditions.

And good urbanization tends to the development of much more sustainable development.

I thank for your work.

To all of your membership, I hope that you will have a very productive meeting,

And I hope to see quite a number of you in Quito,in order to explain to the world the example of China in using urbanization for development.

Thank you very much.