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2016 YPP workshop in Guangzhou

2019-05-08 | ISOCARP

The YPP workshop that took place in Guangzhou in China from 22-27 May 2016 was a great opportunity to get exposed to the rich historical and contemporary urban development of the city through one of its most symbolic sites. Both, the complexity of the site’s urban and spatial conditions and the inter-cultural networking was a real challenge to the teams of young planners that inspired the fruitful exchange of ideas and design approaches between international and Chinese participants. Thanks to the diversity of the participants that was crucial to cover the different facets of the site, their cultural and professional backgrounds and experiences the workshop ended with a good outcome according to the content of planning and design solutions for a complex site composition. Within very limited time and a very intense and compact program the teams of young planners proposed innovative design solutions based on alternative approaches presenting different ways of thinking including the economical site, bottom-up process side, architectural and strategic planning, that were positively received by the city officials. For everyone involved in the workshop that was organized by GZPI and led by the international mentors Dhiru Thadani and Pedro Ressano Garcia and the Chinese coordinators Chen Hua, Lei Xiao and Jianjun Wang under the patronage of ISOCARP Vice President Piotr Lorens it was a chance to open up minds, turning the idea to adjust the new theme, researching the new theories and applying the creative ideas.


Group-1:(Sebastian Ibold, Jin Shan, Wenjing Luo, Qing Ye, Gong Zhang)

Group-2:(Huynh T.M. Phuong, Jiang Ning, Zhuqing Liu, Qingcong Yang, Qingming Jian)

Group 3:(Yassine Moustanjidi, Jian Qingming, Chen Wei, Huijun Xu, Hong You, Yan Zhao)

Group 4:(Hanna Obracht-Prondzynska, Wei Gan, Lin Xiaodan, Miao Wu, Di Yao, Deng Ziwen)