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Shanghai showcases global appeal at salon

2024-06-03 | China Daily


Guests discuss urban transformation and the business environment at the Shanghai's Acceleration salon in Shanghai on Thursday. CHINA DAILY

Expats and business leaders gathered in Shanghai on Thursday for the Shanghai's Acceleration salon, a forum aimed at promoting the city's transformation and improved business environment.

Organized by the Shanghai Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, the Shanghai People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, and China Daily, the event highlighted Shanghai's rapid development, opportunities and its commitment to attracting global talent.

The salon featured panel discussions on "Shanghai speed" and "Shanghai vibe", focusing on the city's business climate and its rise as a commercial hub. Speakers shared insights on policy changes, business success stories and personal experiences.

Opening the event, Kong Fu'an, director-general of the Shanghai Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, underscored the city's dramatic change over the past 35 years.

"The skyline used to be devoid of skyscrapers," Kong said, referencing the Pudong New Area. "Today, Shanghai stands as a magnificent testament to 'Shanghai speed' and 'Shanghai vibe'."

Kong emphasized Shanghai's rise in global rankings for contract enforcement and judicial efficiency, signifying a robust business environment. He described the city as "international, innovative and inclusive", striving to become a global center for finance, trade, shipping and innovation.

Chen Yanfeng, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, elaborated on the city's commitment to openness. He cited key initiatives like the establishment of the Pudong New Area and the Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

"Openness is Shanghai's greatest advantage," Chen said, highlighting streamlined procedures and supportive policies for foreign companies. Chen pointed to Tesla's rapid construction of its Gigafactory, exemplifying "Tesla speed", and the automaker's groundbreaking Megapack energy storage plant in Lin-gang Special Area as testaments to Shanghai's efficiency.

Addressing transparency concerns, Chen highlighted Shanghai's commitment to a fair and legal business environment.

"We've continuously improved legal frameworks to create a stable and transparent environment for businesses," he said.

Panelists like Pablo Machado, president of business management at Suzano Asia, commended Shanghai's role as a global innovation hub. He highlighted the city's ability to provide customized solutions for foreign enterprises.

"Shanghai offers exceptional support through solutions tailored to different districts," Machado said, citing his company's service-oriented subsidiary in Jing'an, foreign trade company in Lin-gang, and research and development operations in Zhangjiang.

Bruno Lannes, senior partner at Bain & Company, applauded the Shanghai government's efforts to foster dialogue with the business community. He expressed appreciation for platforms that facilitate communication between business leaders and government officials.

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