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Living Memory of Beijing City


Author: Hou Renzhi

Year: 2022

Publisher: SDX Joint Publishing Company

ISBN: 9787108073419 (570 pages, in Chinese)

Devoted his whole life to the study of Beijing's historical geography, Hou Renzhi, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, prominent Chinese scholar in historical geography, systematically elaborated the origin, formation, development, and site transfer of Beijing City based on the study of the river and lake system and geographical environment. This book encompasses a selection of Hou's fifty-five works written after the founding of the People's Republic of China, which demonstrate his deep affection for the city of Beijing. The articles in this book provide detailed evidence and insightful explanations of the rise and development of Beijing, all of which are groundbreaking in the history of Chinese historical geography and are still of great reference value in urban planning and conservation today.

Source: China City Planning Review, 2023, 32(1), pp. 87.

Edited by Liang Xiuchun