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Beyond the Horizon: The Theory and Practice of Conceptual Planning

2022-12-26 | By Zhao Yanjing

Author: Zhao Yanjing

Year: 2019

Publisher: China Architecture & Building Press

ISBN: 9787112237630 (352 pages, in Chinese)

Conceptual planning is an important tool for the strategic study of cities in China. The success of Guangzhou's conceptual planning in 2000 has made urban planning extending from a traditional subject of design to the field of urban strategic consultancy. This book collects the representative papers in this filed published by the author, and explores the theories and methods of conceptual planning based on the two cases of Guangzhou and Shenzhen he presided over. Moreover, the book further distinguishes the differences between conceptual planning and strategic planning. It is in this book that the author, for the first time, introduces speed into spatial planning as a variable, and puts forward the optimal spatial structure and growth mode for cities under the condition of high-speed growth, which provides a paradigm for the unique new city (district) planning in China. This book is suitable for teachers and students majoring in urban planning and architecture, practitioners in the construction industry, and people who are interested in urban planning.

Source: China City Planning Review, 2022, 31(3), pp. 86-87.