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China will enhance early warning for emergencies through legislation



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Chinese lawmakers are deliberating a draft law, aiming to establish and improve a national emergency early-warning release platform. The draft law on emergency response and management was submitted to the ongoing session of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress in December 2023 for its second reading.

According to the draft, the issuance of a warning should include details such as the warning's type, class, content, starting time, potential scope of impacts, response measures, as well as the entity releasing the warning and the time of issuance. Broadcasters, television stations, the press, internet service providers and telecom operators should establish expedited channels for disseminating early-warning information in accordance with relevant national regulations, the draft stated. Special personnel should be designated to assume the responsibility of receiving and communicating early-warning information at public venues and other crowded areas, according to the draft.

Regarding emergencies involving two or more administrative regions, the draft specifies that the people's governments superior to the respective administrative regions shall assume responsibility for addressing such emergencies.

This draft also introduces provisions for encouraging and supporting social sectors to participate in emergency response efforts in areas such as transportation and risk insurance for disasters.


Edited by Liang Xiuchun