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Report on the Development of Urban Planning and Design in China (2019 – 2020)



Authors: Chinese Society for Urban Studies, and Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Future Urban Design of Beijing University of City Engineering and Architecture

Year: 2022

Publisher: China Architecture & Building Press


This report is composed of the three parts of overview, technology, and management about the hotspots and key issues of urban planning in China at the current stage. It summarizes the theoretical and practical research results on territorial and spatial planning, urban design, urban planning management, and technological innovation in 2019. In detail, it includes aspects, including methods to alleviate poverty in cities, development of modern metropolitan areas, identification of urban shrinkage and analysis of its driving mechanism, theoretical planning framework of complex urban system, development of low-carbon cities and green buildings, connotation and orientation of high-quality urban development, establishment of a territorial and spatial planning system based on innovation-driven economy, ecological civilization-oriented territorial and spatial planning, green urban regeneration, urban cultural space planning, urban vitality analysis, urban life circle planning, community public space regeneration oriented by co-governance, urban agglomeration planning of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, research on the trend of economic geographical changes in the Yangtze River Delta, implementation system of urban master planning, planning of science city, methods of integrated management and implementation of urban design, construction of resilient cities and formulation of related strategies, practice and exploration of urban governance, people-oriented planning paradigm, theory and connotation of new urbanization, epidemic prevention planning at communities and research on related governance system, and multiple paths for rural revitalization. In addition, the report also introduces the construction status of sponge cities and the management status of urban design in China in 2019.

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Edited by Liang Xiuchun