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The History of Urban Planning in Shenzhen


Author: Chen Yixin

Publication year: 2022年

Publisher: China Social Sciences Press


Shenzhen is a model city of urbanization since China’s reform and opening up owing to its miraculous achievements in urban planning and construction in the history of urban development. It has grown rapidly from a small county to a mega-city after more than 40 years of planning and construction, achieving dramatic social, economic, and cultural development. This book adopts a chronological approach to illustrate the history of urban planning in Shenzhen from 1980 to 2020. It elaborates the background, key planning and design, and examples of planning implementation of each year in the 40-year planning and construction history of Shenzhen, as well as how urban planning has wisely addressed urban problems in different historical periods. In addition, it also summarizes the characteristics and successful experiences of urban planning in Shenzhen, and provides a research sample for urban planning in China and even the world.


Edited by Liang Xiuchun