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Lifetime Achievement Award" is the highest award of the Urban Planning Society of China, originally named Outstanding Contribution Award, renamed the Lifetime Achievement Award on September 11, 2009 at the ninth meeting of the third session of the Executive council members. The award recognizes outstanding contributions in the field of academic research in urban planning, the advancement of urban planning practice, and the efforts to increase the influence of the Urban Planning Society of China. The Lifetime Achievement Award is appraised every four years along with the council election.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Candidates’ conditions

1. The candidate should love his or her motherland, have a good scientific spirit and professional ethics, seek truth from facts, be rigorous in their studies, and have a decent style of work.

2. The candidate should make great achievements in the field of urban planning research and be recognized by his or her counterparts at home and abroad. The candidate has been actively engaged in urban planning research, planning management, planning design or planning education for a long time. The candidate has made outstanding contributions to the advancement of urban planning and has a nationwide impact.

Eligibility for nominees

The Lifetime Achievement Award nominees are among the former presidents and vice-presidents of the UPSC Council.

Nomination and judging process

1. UPSC organization committee nominate the candidates

2. UPSC Council presidential meeting discuss for decision

3. UPSC executive council members meeting for approval.

Roll of Honor

In 2019, in order to implement the National Strategy of Innovation-Driven Development and recognize individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions in planning profession, UPSC has initiated UPSC Science and Technology Award, which includes Preeminent Planner Award, Youth Award, Scientific and Technological Progress Award, and a few Specific Awards. UPSC Science and Technology Award are reviewed every other year.

National Office for Science and Technology Awards (NOSTA) is responsible for inspection and management of UPSC Science and Technology Award.

UPSC Science and Technology Award

Preeminent Planner Award is granted to the following planning professionals and scholars:

Eligibility for nominees

1.The nominees should has made major breakthroughs in contemporary scientific or technological frontiers that have outstanding achievements in the development of science and technology.

2. The nominees should has created huge economic or social benefits through scientific and technological innovations, achievements.

Nomination process

The nomination should be made by academicians from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, council members, academic and working committees, institutional members, and local branches of UPSC.

Judging process

1. Round 1: the organization committee of UPSC is responsible for the qualification examination.

2. Round 2: the pre-review and experts review are made for the results.

3. Round 3:the results be approved by the executive council meeting

Roll of Honor

Outstanding S&T Papers Special Award (Youth)

In 2019, 1 paper won first-class award, 2 papers won second-class awards, 6 papers won third-class awards during the 2019 ANPC in front of about 10000 planners.

Roll of Honor

UPSC Sci-tech Award National outstanding planner, originally named National Excellent Urban Planning Scientific and Technological Worker, was established in 2010 to honor scientific and technological workers who are directly engaged in scientific research, design, management, teaching, popularization and service in the field of urban and rural planning. National outstanding planner is a once for a life title, which is appraised for every two years for at most ten people. Laureates shall receive their certificates and medals during biggest national planning conference, the annual national planning conference(ANPC).

UPSC Sci-tech Award National outstanding planner

Eligibility for nominees

Adhere to the four basic principles, have the spirit of patriotism, realism and innovation, the spirit of hard work and dedication, and the spirit of unity and cooperation, and abide by science and ethics in an exemplary manner, and meet one of the following conditions:

1. In scientific research, technological development, teaching or scientific research support work, there are innovative results or promote the development of disciplines and technologies;

2. In planning practice, he or she develops the application of the new technology and obtains the obvious economic benefit;

3. He or she has made outstanding achievements in the popularization of science.

Nomination process

The nominees are among all sci-tech workers in the planning profession.

The nomination should be made by executive council members of UPSC, academic and working committees of UPSC, institutional members, and local branches of UPSC.

Judging process

1. Round 1: the organization committee of UPSC is responsible for the evaluation.

2. Round 2: the results of the evaluation be approved by the executive council meeting.

Roll of Honor

*Among the laureates, DUAN Jin, WANG Jinghui are promoted to be CAST "national outstanding science and technology worker".