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Land Use Mix

2024-03-06 | Science Direct

Land use mix refers to the integration of various land use types within a specific area. Land use mix enhances close connections between different functional zones, injecting more vibrancy, reducing travel demands, and alleviating pollution, making it crucial for sustainable urban development. Over the past few decades, land use mix has gradually evolved into a fundamental principle in urban planning and design concepts such as smart growth and new urbanization. Diversity, accessibility, and compatibility are the three aspects that indicators reflecting the degree of land use mix should address. Diversity refers to the proportional distribution of land area for different land use types. Accessibility aims to measure the spatial proximity between different land use types within a defined range or the density/quantity of specific amenities (such as schools). Compatibility assesses the likelihood of coexistence between a particular land use type and the surrounding land use types.


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Edited and Translated by Ma Chenshuo