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Solar Roof

2024-01-31 | Science Direct

The rapid and incessant urbanization witnessed in the 21st century stands as a pivotal global trend, prompting governments worldwide to incorporate sustainable development objectives into their strategic planning frameworks to address environmental, economic, and social concerns. Within this context, solar roofs emerge as a viable solution for mitigating urban energy consumption challenges through power generation. Variants of solar roofs encompass crystalline silicon photovoltaic roofs, thin film photovoltaic roofs, and emerging photovoltaic roofs, each offering distinct advantages. The widespread adoption of solar roofs in urban settings holds the potential to confer multifaceted benefits encompassing social, economic, and environmental dimensions upon cities. Paramount considerations in their spatial configuration typically encompass building typology, urban density, climatic conditions, socio-economic factors, and governmental policies, among others.


Source:Science Direct

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Edited and Translated by Ma Chenshuo