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Wind Sensitive Urban Design

2023-10-25 | UPSC

In the context of climate change and urban heat islands, in recent years, a related new term was coined by several scholars, namely, wind sensitive urban design (WiSUD). According to the related scholars, because urban tissue has a strong link with wind condition and affects thermal environment and air quality, urban planning and design as an intervention tool must consider the influence of wind on these aspects. The framework for WiSUD is organized in the four domains: (a) passive wind measures; (b) active wind measures; (c) governance; (d) planning and design. The passive wind sector aims to assess the quality of WiSUD and its actual impact, utilizing urban winds to eliminate unwanted heat and pollutants. Active wind measures emphasize urban wind power generation. Governance plays a key role as a strategic driver of urban wind energy. In the planning and design sector, optimization designs at the city scale, neighborhood scale, and building scale, considering urban density, street layout, building heights, etc., to achieve greater wind permeability.


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Edited and Translated by Ma Chenshuo