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Seven historical and cultural cities in Anhui Province release a common initiative

2023-06-30 | UPSC



On June 16, the second anniversary of the Yixian National Historical and Cultural City publicity, and the global recruitment of ancient city partners was held on the banks of the Yichuan River in the ancient city of Yixian, Huangshan City. Seven historic and cultural cities in Anhui Province issued a common initiative at the event, proposing not to do large-scale demolition and construction in the future, not to demolish real buildings to build fake ones, and will work together to strengthen the overall protection and systematic use of cross-regional historical and cultural heritage.

The seven cities in Anhui Province that have been approved as national historic and cultural cities jointly released the Common Initiative for the Protection and Revival of National Historic and Cultural Cities, containing Bozhou City, Anqing City, Tongcheng City, Huainan City Shouxian, Huangshan City She County, Xuancheng City Jixi County and Huangshan City Yixian County.

The seven cities and counties issued a common initiative, said the future to establish a scientific classification, strong protection, effective management of urban and rural historical and cultural protection and heritage system. Comprehensively protected historical and cultural heritage, including ancient and modern, urban and rural, material and immaterial historical and cultural heritage; not to demolish the construction, not to demolish the real construction, not to arbitrarily remove the old buildings with conservation value.

In the future, the seven cities and counties will also unite the protection of history and culture, the growth and development of cultural tourism and the transformation and upgrading of the cultural industry, and jointly play the social and educational role and use value of historical and cultural heritage. In terms of preserving historical sites and historical heritage, the seven counties and cities have issued an initiative to unify the preservation of history with the renovation and upgrading of old urban areas, so that urban preservation and organic renewal can be linked, and old cities can be given a new lease of life.

In the future, the seven counties and cities will build historical and cultural display lines integrated into production and life through multi-level, all-round and continuous excavation of historical stories, cultural values and spiritual connotations, strengthen inter-city exchanges and summaries of historical and cultural conservation experiences, and promote the overall protection and systematic use of historical and cultural heritage across regions.

Yixian County, located in Huangshan City, is one of the oldest civilised counties in China, with an establishment history of more than 2,200 years, and is one of the important birthplaces and inheritance sites of Hui culture, preserving a large number of material remains of Hui culture of outstanding value. In 2014 Yixian launch the creation of the National Historical and Cultural City project. In June 2021, Yixian County was approved by the State Council as the 137th National Historical and Cultural City also the 6th National Historical and Cultural City in Anhui Province.

It is worth mentioning that the urban form of the historic city of Yixian County is basically preserved, the historical street texture is clear and complete, and the pattern of "mountain, stream, canal and street" in the historic city is preserved. In order to further polish the national historical and cultural city "golden signboard", Yixian County will also launch a "global recruitment plan", the introduction of seven support policies involving rent, funds, etc., openly recruit the majority of capable people, to show their ambitions and construct the ancient cities in Yixian County.


Translated by Gong Ye