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Shanghai Released Urban Renewal Action Plan for 2023 to 2025 (Part 2)

2023-05-23 |

▲ A senior citizen takes a barrier-free elevator on a pedestrian overpass in Shanghai. [People's Daily Online/Yang Jianzheng]

3. Priority Actions.

3.3 Public service facilities optimization action.

Optimize functional quality and create high-quality urban public spaces. Improve infrastructure and public service facilities, enhance public services, and systematically improve the city's capability to combat risks.

Target: By 2025, accelerate to fill the gaps in public services, and activate the stock land and housing for the construction of various public facilities. Promote the establishment of "15-minute life circle" in all residential areas of central cities, as well as the main urban areas, new towns, core towns, central towns, etc., and carry out pilot projects in common towns and rural areas. Five or more "15-minute life circle" demonstration streets and towns will be built in the city as the pilots. Build several high-quality public service facilities. Launch and implement "high quality" campus construction project for basic education, and build 1-2 new "high quality" junior and senior high school campuses for each district. Complete at least 10 public space improvement projects, renovate or build 180 pocket parks, build more than 150 "beautiful neighborhoods", and create 50 "park city demonstration sites". Complete the reconstruction of 480 kilometers overhead line into underground laying and upgrading of power poles and power distribution boxes, the transformation of 600 kilometers of aging gas pipelines, the renovation of 1000 kilometers of old water supply pipeline, carry out the inspection of 4,700 kilometers of main water pipes and the repair and upgrading of 600 kilometers, implement 423 power upgrading projects for distribution grid, improve the quality of the space under the bridges as well as the river landscape, and building five slow traffic demonstration zones. 40% of urban built-up areas meet the requirements for sponge city construction. Complete the construction of 24 million square meters of evacuation shelters, the energy-saving renovation of 10 million square meters of residential buildings and 12 million square meters of existing public buildings. Promote the construction of several green and ecological urban areas (renewal urban areas).

3.4 Historical character re-imagine action.

Strengthen the protection and inheritance, promote the revitalization and utilization of historical cultural heritage, organically combine the conservation of historical townscape with the development needs of urban construction for the people, and rationally guide the revitalization and utilization of spaces.

Target: By 2025, complete three or more projects for historical townscape conservation areas, townscape conservation neighborhoods and scenic conservation roads, promote more than three demonstration projects for the conservation, repair, renewal and utilization of historical towns, and create 15 or more demonstrate projects for the conservation, repair, revitalization, and utilization of historical buildings. Specifically, promote series of urban renewal projects such as Shanyin Road scenic conservation area.

3.5 Industrial parks quality improvement action.

Upgrade service industries, promote the improvement of quality and efficiency of industrial parks, promote the transformation, upgrading and innovative development of stock industrial land, promote the transformation of space utilization to intensive and compact, functional compound, low-carbon and high-efficient, and cultivate the development advantages of emerging industries.

Target: By 2025, promote the improvement of quality and efficiency in more than three key industrial clusters and revitalize 3,000 mu of industrial land.

3.6 Commercial and business revitalization action.

Activate stock resources, rejuvenate the commercial business district, create a new business environment with reasonable layout, flexible structure and diverse functions, and boost the development of surrounding areas.

Target: By 2025, promote the transformation and upgrading of three or more traditional commercial districts at the city or district levels, create six national "15-minute community life circles" and 100 municipal "15-minute community life circles", and complete more than five business building upgrading or transformation projects.

4. Implementation Guarantee.

4.1 Adhere to the principle of guided by planning.

Implement urban development targets and spatial development strategies to deliver all relevant regulations and requirements for urban renewal in planning at all levels.

4.2 Improve the management system and mechanism.

The Shanghai Municipal Urban Renewal Leading Group is responsible for studying and deliberating on significant matters concerning urban renewal while the office of Group plays a significant role in overall coordination.

4.3 Make more efforts to policy supply and standard support.

Approve and issue supportive policies and standard lists for urban renewal, all relevant departments should speed up the formulation and implementation of related policies and standards to gradually improve the urban renewal supporting policy and standard system. Innovate mechanisms through the coordination of urban areas, government, enterprises, and projects to promote the integration of "funds, assets, and resources" and the balance of "cross-cycle, cross-region, cross-category".

4.4 Strengthen the reserve, organization and implementation of key projects.

Sort out and form a list of six priority actions, all relevant departments, districts and various operating entities should accelerate the preliminary work and arrange reasonable implementation schedules for projects. On this basis, optimize and adjust priority actions and projects in a timely manner. Give full play to the platform function of the city urban renewal center. The relevant work funds for urban renewal work organized and implemented by governments at all levels must be included in the financial budget of the same level for guarantee.

4.5 Build a urban renewal information platform.

Build an urban renewal information system and implement smart management of urban renewal planning, construction, management, and operation to provide service guarantees for the implementation and full lifecycle management of urban renewal projects.

4.6 Establish an assessment mechanism.

Study and establish an urban renewal assessment system and carry out special annual assessments on the progress of urban renewal tasks.


Edited and translated by Guo Xinxin