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Shi Nan: The meaning of Park City is a comprehensive concept of transformative development

2023-05-22 | UPSC

In the wave of urbanization, it becomes a worthwhile topic to explore how to measure the transformative development of cities scientifically.

During the third Park City Forum and the sixth International Forum on Urban Sustainable Development on April 26th, Shi Nan, Executive Vice-president and Secretary General of the Urban Planning Society of China, expressed his idea in an interview with Red Star News that the "Park City Index" is an important research method.

Shi Nan

"The Park City Index is a tool for measuring green urbanization." Using the example of a person, Shi Nan stated that, if you want to know a person's health condition, you need to measure blood pressure, biochemical indicators, and so on. "Similarly, the Park City Index is a fundamental tool for measuring the health, sustainability, and green development of cities. Using this tool, we can assess the green development of cities from different dimensions, and encourage participation from various sectors of society into the construction of green and sustainable development."

The Urban Planning Society of China, Tianfu New Area in Sichuan, and Chengdu Design and Consulting Groupjointly established the Park City Index Center as a local branch institution for research on the Park City Index. "The Park City Index focuses on five areas: 'harmonious coexistence, quality living, green development, cultural promotion, and modern governance.' It not only aligns with the development pattern of contemporary cities but also focuses on the sustainable development of green cities in the future," said Shi Nan. He further explained that, unlike previous urban indices, the Park City Index does not prioritize rankings or serve as an evaluative measure. Instead, it promotes better development for cities through a value-oriented approach.

In addition, Shi Nan also shared his views with the reporters on how to achieve high-quality development in the pilot zones in the park city. Shi Nan stated that high-quality development is the core concept of a park city.

"Park city is a new paradigm for urban development in the new era. It not only refers to the construction of more green spaces but also involves the transformation of various aspects of the city," said Shi Nan. For example, it refers to achieving harmonious coexistence between humans and nature, fostering a more vibrant economy, enhancing the quality of life, promoting cultural heritage, and achieving modernization in social governance… The concept of a park city is a comprehensive concept of transformative development. Its development philosophy integrates well with the concept of high-quality development.

How should park city develop? Shi Nan stated that high-quality development involves various aspects. He took the harmonious coexistence between humans and nature as an example. "Protecting biodiversity is essential. Cities are not only human habitats but also homes for animals and plants. This is an important starting point for the harmonious coexistence between humans and nature."

In terms of economic development, Shi Nan expressed that today's urban development should not pursue speed at the expense of resources and the environment, but should strive for a higher quality, higher level, and more sustainable approach. "The economic structure should undergo a transformation towards innovation-driven development. These are all requirements and approaches for high-quality development."

Red Star News journalist Peng Jing and photographer Wang Qin

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Translated by He Huiling