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Strive to Improve Scientific and Technological Support for Urbanization and Urban Development

2023-01-10 | UPSC

As shown on the website of Ministry of Science and Technology , the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development jointly issued The 14th Five-Year Specific Plan for Urbanization and Scientific and Technological Innovation in Urban Development(Hereinafter referred to as the Plan).

The Plan puts forward seven key tasks.

Strengthen the research on urban development law and urban spatial distribution. We will further advance the people-centered urbanization strategy, strengthen research on the laws of urban development and the layout of urban systems, improve planning and control capabilities, and support the strategic layout of national cities and urban agglomerations. We will promote a new type of urbanization with counties as important carriers, promote high-quality development of urban and rural construction, construct new urbanization innovation theory and method, key technology system and application demonstration platform with Chinese characteristics, such as urban space optimization development, city(clusters) and metropolitan area construction planning and design, city physical examination evaluation.

Strengthen the research on urban renewal and quality improvement system technology. Facing the stage of turning large-scale urban incremental construction into paying equal attention to the improvement and transformation of the stock and the adjustment of the incremental structure, in sight of the development needs of livable, green, low-carbon and intelligent cities in China, the research on key core technologies is conducted with the aim of safe and efficient urban life cycle management and operation and maintenance of municipal facilities, smart, intelligent and intensive conservation. The quality of the city is comprehensively improved and city construction is improved with the people as the center to support the urban renewal work in the new era and carry out large-scale project demonstration, such as complete communities, reconstruction of old urban blocks (communities), renewal and protection of historical and cultural blocks, reuse of existing buildings and industrial parks, and efficient utilization of underground space.

Strengthen the research and development on intelligent construction and intelligent operation and maintenance core technology equipment. To meet the public service needs of sustainable development of urban society, such as efficient operation and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure with huge stock and refined operation and maintenance of street communities, based on digital and intelligent technologies, we will carry out research, development, transformation and application of basic common technologies and key core technologies of intelligent construction and intelligent operation and maintenance, promote the integration of construction industry and information industry, and significantly improve the level of building industrialization, digitization and intelligence, promote the internet of things application and intelligent transformation of municipal public facilities, improve the collaborative management and control capability of buildings and municipal public facilities systems, ensure the safety of facilities supply, and improve the efficiency of urban operation and maintenance.

Strengthen the research on green, healthy and resilient buildings and infrastructure. To promote the construction of green buildings and infrastructure, improve the living environment, and improve residents' satisfaction and sense of gain, through the integration of information technology, new energy and new material technology, the whole chain technology and product innovation will be realized and integrated demonstration will be carried out in basic theory and design methods, engineering technology standards, new green building materials, building envelope systems and components, efficient electromechanical equipment, high-performance green buildings, healthy communities and healthy buildings In terms of resilient cities.

Strengthen the research on low carbon transformation system of urban development. Guided by the actively implementing carbon peak and carbon neutralization in the field of construction, facing the development goal of urban energy system, we will transform to energy consumption side revolution oriented by low-carbon development from simply pursuing energy saving and reduction on the energy consumption side, actively carry out the evaluation method and monitoring system of urban low-carbon development, urban low-carbon energy system, new optical storage, direct and flexible power distribution system, low-carbon emission reduction and quality improvement and efficiency enhancement of municipal infrastructure research on key technologies and equipment, such as urban ecological restoration and functional improvement, zero carbon buildings, green consumption, etc., and promote the demonstration of zero carbon and zero emission cities.

Strengthen the research on scientific and technological innovation in cultural relics and the protection of urban historical and cultural heritage. To meet the major needs for the protection, inheritance and utilization of cultural heritage, including historic cities, towns, villages and blocks, cultural relics, historic sites, ancient buildings, ancient sites, etc., we will strengthen the basic research on cultural relics protection and cognition and tackle common key technologies, innovate cultural relics knowledge mining, display and dissemination technologies, and build archaeology with Chinese characteristics, Chinese style, and Chinese features. We will establish and improve the theory and technology system for the full cycle protection and restoration of cultural heritage and risk prevention and control, protect and share historical and cultural resources in urban and rural areas, and comprehensively support learning, education and international exchanges based on historical and cultural heritage.

Strengthen cultural tourism integration and scientific and technological innovation in public cultural services. In sight of the insufficient application of intelligent technology and integration of information technology in the field of cultural services in China, as well as the insufficient provision of safe and convenient tourism services and accurate and intelligent tourism supervision, we will strengthen the research on the basic theory, key core technologies and system integration technologies of culture and tourism science and technology, improve the scientific and technological support capacity for the integrated development of culture and tourism, and achieve the common key technological breakthroughs in the protection and management of culture and tourism resources, promote the formation of international competitiveness of Chinese culture and high-end tourism equipment, and promote the reform of the regulatory model of the cultural and tourism industry with an intelligent service platform.

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Translated by: Yue Wang