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UPSC Hosted 2019 World Cities Day Observance Expert Dialogue in Tangshan


UPSC continues to host the World Cities Day Observance Expert Dialogue in 2019. Themed as “Better Community Renewal, Better City life”, this year’s dialogue focused on community renewal and prosperity.

Mr. SHI Nan, executive vice president of UPSC invited five prestigious panelists to discuss three topics, including how renewal will reduce inequality in urban space; how will urban upgrading enhances prosperity; what are some micro-renewal of communities to regenerate cities. The panelists are Mr. HUANG Weidong, Vice President, Urban Planning and Design Institute of Shenzhen; Ms. LIU Jiayan, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University; Ms. SU Liqiong, Chief of Planning Section, Shanghai Changning Planning and Resources Bureau; Mr. GAO Huaijun, Director General, Tangshan Natural Resources and Planning Bureau; Mr. Harry den Hartog, Visiting Associate Professor, Tongji University.