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Beijing Released Greenway System Special Plan for 2023 to 2025 (Part 2)

2024-04-07 | UPSC &


▲ The greenway in northern Chaoyang District is constructed and open to the public. [Beijing Daily]

6. Contents of the Plan.
6.1 Establish an overall pattern and propose municipal greenway alignment options.
The overall spatial pattern of the greenway system can be summarized as “Two axes, Four rings, Multiple corridors”.
“Two axes” are the backbone of the municipal greenway, including the central axis and its extension line and the Chang’an Street and its extension line. “Four rings” are the main rings of distinctive greenways formed around the southeastern plain by the Second Ring Road, the First Green Isolation Area, the Second Green Isolation Area, and the hilly area. “Multiple corridors” are several connecting corridors that are laid out adaptively between the mountains and the plain, as well as between the main rings.
Forming lines along the mountains and establishing a network based on water. In the mountainous areas, relying on important valleys and watersheds, to strengthen the connection between ecological and cultural tourism resources, and form the most beautiful mountain tourism routes. On the plains, replying on rivers and linear green spaces to construct a network that allows for experiencing the openness of the plains, the richness of forests and fields, and the authenticity of nature.

6.2 Focus on key areas to create the “Jinghua Greenway” brand.
The "Jinghua Greenway" is the essence of Beijing's greenways, representing the cultural context that embodies Beijing's humanistic values and promotes excellent Chinese culture. It serves as an important spatial carrier for civic activities and cultural exchanges. Relying on the old city, the “Two axes”, municipal structural green spaces, and municipal ecological cultural belts, and other key areas, ten brand greenways will be built as the core support for the “Jinghua Greenway” brand.

6.3 Enhance the quality of the greenway by improving the element system.
Strengthen the connectivity and safety of the trail system. Define the trail spaces and comprehensively utilize greenway transformation and other methods to ensure connectivity. Encourage the separation of pedestrian and cycling paths, and set up clear signs to ensure safety. Coordinate trail colors and materials to enhance visibility and comfort.
Improve the convenience and service level of the facility system. Make full use of existing urban and rural infrastructure, intensively construct and upgrade comprehensively. Improve the signal coverage around the greenway system. Focus on all-age friendly and personalized needs, and scientifically allocate facilities.
Enhance the comfort and environmental quality of the greening system. Ensure the greenway's greenery and strengthen the comfortable feeling of walking slowly along the greenway as if walking through nature. Scientifically arrange plants to create high-quality greenway landscapes that are harmoniously integrated with the environment. Increase the presence of colorful foliage, flowers, and fruit-bearing plants to create attractive greenway scenes.

6.4 Strengthen mechanism guarantees to promote the implementation of the greenway.
Strengthen overall coordination to form an effective force for implementing the greenway system plan. Strengthen municipal-level comprehensive coordination, encourage broad social participation, and explore new models of joint investment and construction and operation management by multiple entities.
Promote the effective implementation of greenway system construction requirements at all levels of planning. Adhere to planning guidance, and strengthen the convergence and implementation of various types of planning at all levels for the special plan of greenway systems. Promote the improvement of the standard specification system and the construction of information platforms to support high-standard design and intelligent management of the greenway system.
Strengthen policy innovation and mechanism guarantee to promote high-quality construction of the greenway system. Coordinate the entire process of conceptual planning, planning and design, engineering construction, and operation evaluation of the greenway system, and establish a standardized and reasonable institutional system. Strengthen publicity and promotion to create a new pattern of the greenway system that is jointly built, managed, shared, and enjoyed by the whole society.

Edited and Translated by Guo Xinxin