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Experience sharing of urban renewal: Shenyang, Nanjing, Nanchang, Tongling (part 3)

2024-01-05 | Guihuazhongguo


Source: chinajsb

3.Nanchang, Jiangxi:The old city "comes alive" and "fires up"

The charm of urban and rural areas is becoming increasingly prominent, urban construction focuses on people's livelihood, smart transportation is smooth, and old communities are renewed...... The projects benefiting the people and the scenes of life record the new progress of the urban renewal action in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province.

In recent years, Nanchang has promoted urban renewal in an orderly manner, and has made greater efforts and efforts to solve outstanding problems in people's livelihood and create a high-quality life, so as to make the urban development environment better, more convenient and a stronger sense of happiness.

1)Transformation of industrial heritage.

In the East Lake Yiku Cultural and Creative Park in spring, tourists are in full swing. This vibrant and energetic art settlement was Jiangxi's largest foreign trade cargo storage and transportation base a few years ago. With the changes of the times, this 59,000-square-meter industrial warehouse has completed its historical mission. This industrial heritage complex has been given a new lease of life.

"We strive to retain the industrial charm of the park, maximize the use of the original railway and industrial parts, create an integrated office and recreation park, and use the traces of industrial relics to create a tense landscape belt, and set up a number of tourist check-in points along the line. The relevant person in charge said that the East Lake Yiku Cultural and Creative Park takes urban creative culture as the core, takes the old factory warehouse as the building carrier, adheres to the principle of "repairing the old as the old", gives full play to the imprint effect of Nanchang red culture and industrial culture, and creates an international urban creative settlement integrating humanities, commerce and office.

The industrial heritage complex carries the history and collective memory of the city. It is understood that by systematically combing the industrial relics and inefficient industries, Nanchang City has reshaped the original structure and morphological characteristics of the factory building, integrated modern design elements, and emerged a number of demonstration projects for the transformation and utilization of old factories such as the 699 Creative Park, AVIC Yangtze River Designer Creative Industrial Park, and Yuzhang No. 1 Industrial Park, realizing the transformation of new and old kinetic energy from industry to commerce.

2)Inefficient capacity land "transformed".

With the rapid development of the city, the service area of Changjiu Expressway Lei Gong Ao and related supporting buildings are not suitable for the needs of urban development, and the function of the service area is completely lost.

On the basis of the three "unchanged" (property rights relationship unchanged, land use nature unchanged, and building structure unchanged), Nanchang City adheres to the principle of "protection first, protection and utilization combined", transforms the idle expressway service area into a cultural and sports industrial park, and creates a full-factor, multi-format, open and market-oriented indoor sports venue cluster, so as to realize the concept innovation of using urban inefficient land to create sports space, drive urban renewal and industrial transformation.

3)Give full play to the guiding role of policy optimization.

"Project promotion is the ultimate foothold of urban renewal policy. The person in charge of the urban renewal section of the Nanchang Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau said that Nanchang City set up a leading group for urban renewal with the mayor as the team leader and the relevant deputy mayor as the deputy leader to coordinate and promote the urban renewal work.

In 2022, Nanchang issued the "Nanchang Urban Renewal Implementation Measures", clarifying the scope, working principles, institutional mechanisms, construction planning, project implementation, and fund raising of urban renewal. At the same time, we should make innovations and breakthroughs in policies such as the establishment of urban renewal funds and the implementation of reasonable plot ratio transfer or incentives for urban renewal areas that increase public interests, so as to give full play to the guiding role of positive planning optimization.

In the same year, Nanchang City issued the "Nanchang Urban Renewal Construction Plan", focusing on the old urban area, adhering to the simultaneous development of "retention, reform and demolition", and focusing on retention and utilization, selecting a number of representative and exemplary urban renewal projects, and establishing an urban renewal project library, which covers the transformation of old urban communities, creating vibrant blocks, strengthening the renovation of existing buildings, enhancing urban service capabilities, repairing urban ecosystems, shaping urban features, making up for infrastructure shortcomings, building new urban infrastructure, and improving urban resilience. Promote urban energy conservation and carbon reduction.

In the future, Nanchang City will pay close attention to the scenes and spaces where the people live most closely such as old streets and old communities, promote organic renewal and micro-transformation, improve functional quality, create a beautiful, cultural and dynamic market life, create a "landscape Yuzhang Ancient County, a dynamic hero new city", and build Nanchang into a "livable, green, resilient, innovative, smart and humanistic" city.


Source: chinajsb


Source: chinajsb

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Edited and Translated by Guan Tao