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China Has Issued the Development Plan for the Shenzhen Park of the Hetao Sci-tech Zone (Part 3)

2023-12-12 | & Xinhua


▲A view shows Shenzhen Park under construction. [Xinhua/Liang Xu]

5. Build an International Sci-tech Innovation Institutional Mechanism.

5.4 Explore the safe and orderly flow of international Internet data across borders.

Support the construction of an international data dedicated channel in Shenzhen Park, and explore the formation of mechanisms that facilitate data flow while ensuring security. Support registered research institutions and enterprises to achieve cross-border data interconnection for scientific research under the premise of data security. Allow eligible Hong Kong communication service providers to build communication infrastructure in the customs supervision area of Shenzhen Park and set up data disaster recovery centers for Hong Kong telecom operators.

5.5 Accelerate the establishment of a higher-level intellectual property rights protection system.

Strengthen intellectual property rights protection, further explore and improve an internationally aligned intellectual property rights protection system, accurately apply the punitive compensation system, and encourage the resolution of intellectual property rights disputes through mediation, arbitration, and other means. Allow Hong Kong-funded enterprises registered in the customs supervision area of Shenzhen Park to choose Hong Kong law for contract dispute resolution and take Hong Kong as the place of arbitration.

5.6 Create a tax environment converging with Hong Kong.

Reduce the corporate income tax rate by 15% for enterprises in encouraged industries in specific enclosed areas and formulate preferential industry catalogs. Hong Kong residents working in Shenzhen Park benefit from tax concessions to effectively reduce the tax burden on research institutions and individuals.

5.7 Implement international employment and social security policies.

Implement a “white list” system for streamlined professional qualification management in Shenzhen Park, support individuals on the “white list” with Hong Kong and Macao professional qualifications to provide professional services directly after filing (except for special industries such as legal services, securities, funds, and futures). Improve the labor contract system related to open-ended contracts and setting economic condensation limits. Allow employers to purchase compensation insurance for Hong Kong employees and encourage them to optimize the structure of work injury insurance benefits.

5.8 Harmonize with global research management systems and mechanisms.

Improve the allocation of scientific research resources, reform research project approval and organization methods, and make reference to Hong Kong and international management systems. Support enterprises and other social entities to establish scientific funds and technology awards. Enhance and perfect the classification and evaluation system for sci-tech achievements, adopt a market-oriented system for evaluating sci-tech achievements and establish a credit-based expert evaluation system. Reform research funding management, grant greater autonomy in terms of personnel, finances, and assets to research institutions and researchers, and increase the utilization of cross-border research funds while exploring the application of Hong Kong and Macao audit standards. Promote in-depth connections and interactions between technology and finance, R&D and the market, and scientists and entrepreneurs to rely on technology innovation as well as reform to speed up development.

5.9 Establish a highly facilitated market access system.

Deepen business system reforms and explore the implementation of an administrative confirmation system for enterprise registration in the customs supervision area of Shenzhen Park. Fully implement the national treatment and negative list management system before foreign investment is admitted. Moderately expand the business scope for Hong Kong-funded institutions in fields such as medical technology, big data, AI, robotics, new materials, and microelectronics. Support creative industries (including film and TV production, professional design and advertising service providers) applying innovative technology to settle down in compliance with the law.

6. Create a Scientific and Technological Cooperation Platform that Attracts Global Talent.

6.1 Deepen international exchanges and cooperation.

Support the construction of more open innovation systems for research infrastructure and technology innovation platforms in Shenzhen Park, promote the sharing of technology resources and cooperation on technical standards, and attract top global talent for research collaboration. Support the formation of the World Innovation Cities Cooperation Organization to facilitate mechanisms, platforms, and project connections among global innovation cities. Arrange the innovation and entrepreneurship “Through Train” between Shenzhen Park and major global innovation hubs to enable the interconnection of capital, talent, information, technology, and educational resources. Simplify the registration process for specific international industry and standard organizations like the World WLAN Application Alliance (WAA) residing in Shenzhen Park and allow membership from a global scale.

6.2 Build an international talent hub for innovation.

Establish a talent recruitment and utilization mechanism with international competitiveness, provide convenient application services such as visa and residency permits for foreign talents (including foreign Hong Kong residents), and attract a group of sci-tech leading talents with international perspectives. Fully lift restrictions on Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and foreign individuals serving as directors, supervisors, executives, and heads of corporate entities. Construct a comprehensive service platform for recorded overseas sci-tech talents to facilitate residence and work in the customs supervision area of Shenzhen Park.

6.3 Enhance comprehensive research services.

Strengthen connections with the national sci-tech resource-sharing service platform, establish public research facilities and instrument service platforms and international sci-tech information platforms to provide open and shared research facilities and international sci-tech information services for research institutions and enterprises in the cooperation zone. Attract renowned international venture capital institutions, arbitration and mediation organizations, as well as high-end professional service providers in law, accounting, human resources, and more to offer high-quality services for research activities. Explore the establishment of a platform for matching projects and capital, and involve domestic and international venture investment enterprises in promoting the transformation of sci-tech achievements.

6.4 Shape an international, high-quality research community.

Introduce world-class education, health, culture, and sports resources in the customs supervision area of Shenzhen Park, build diverse and high-quality international living facilities, and implement the departure tax refund scheme for overseas travelers. Scientifically configure living spaces for high-end talent to enhance the attractiveness and cohesion of international researchers.




Edited and Translated by Guo Xinxin