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China Has Issued the Development Plan for the Shenzhen Park of the Hetao Sci-tech Zone (Part 2)

2023-11-24 | & Xinhua


▲An aerial view shows Shenzhen Park in the Hetao Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone in Guangdong province. [Photo by Liang Xu from Xinhua]

3. Collaborate with Hong Kong to Promote International Technological Innovation.

3.1 Promote the collaborative development of Shenzhen and Hong Kong Parks.

Shenzhen Park should strengthen its alignment with Hong Kong Park, and jointly advance the infrastructure construction and operational management. With the focus on the key areas and vital matters of Hong Kong Park, several significant collaborative projects with mutually supportive functions and related fields will be built in Shenzhen Park. This will enhance seamless integration and efficient cooperation in supporting production, living, and ecological facilities. 

3.2 Support the advancement of strong disciplines in universities in Hong Kong and Macao.

Introduce key research projects in strong disciplines from renowned universities in Hong Kong and Macao, and carry out interdisciplinary fundamental research and technological breakthroughs with significant leading roles. Support the establishment of a graduate school in collaboration between universities in Shenzhen and Hong Kong to jointly cultivate innovative talent, as well as universities, research institutes, and enterprises in both regions to jointly undertake national sci-tech innovation projects and key research programs. 

3.3 Build an international leading technological innovation platform. 

Support the joint establishment of research centers, cutting-edge interdisciplinary research platforms, AI application demonstration platforms, digital economy and financial supercomputing clusters, and a "Quantum Valley" by Shenzhen and Hong Kong, in cooperation with domestic and international universities and research institutions. This will promote the in-depth integration of technological resources in the Greater Bay Area. Collaborate with Hong Kong to introduce top international R&D enterprises to set up joint R&D centers, thereby promoting the upgrading of the applied fundamental research capacity of Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and even the Greater Bay Area.

4. Establish Internationally Competitive Pilot-scale Production Bases for Industries.

4.1 Promote the breakthrough development of the new generation of information technology.

Carry out key technology research in the industrial chain, accelerate the achievement of cutting-edge common technologies in the information industry, and promote the formulation of relevant technical standards. Vigorously foster and develop cutting-edge information industries such as future networks, new display technologies, and next-generation network equipment in alignment with the national development strategy of the information technology industry.

4.2 Support the innovation and application of advanced biomedical technology.

Promote the integration of biomedical technology with information technology and materials technology, and accelerate technological innovation in interdisciplinary fields such as medical imaging and cell treatment. Vigorously develop innovative medications and support the top pharmaceutical R&D and production service enterprises to provide integrated medical R&D services. Expedite the alignment of medicine and medical device assessment, inspection, clinical trials, and other regulations with international standards. Explore the establishment of a new management model for the R&D of new biomedical devices in the customs supervision area of Shenzhen Park under the law, and pilot relaxation of access restrictions on foreign-funded biopharmaceutical enterprises. 

4.3 Speed up the development of cutting-edge fields in AI and the digital economy.

Seize the opportunity in the development of the AI industry, build an open innovation platform for AI, and drive the development of AI in conjunction with the digital industry. Speed up the standard framework formulation for AI technology, and carry out innovative application pilot demonstrations in fields such as intelligent manufacturing, smart healthcare, and intelligent vehicles. Actively explore the regulated application of technologies such as big data, cloud computing, blockchain, and other technologies in the financial sector, and cautiously and orderly innovate financial business models. Accelerate the establishment of the Shenzhen Data Trading Platform to deepen the reform of market-oriented allocation of data resources.

5. Build an International Sci-tech Innovation Institutional Mechanism.

5.1 Facilitate the inbound and outbound of scientific researchers. 

At the earlier stage, adopt the “highly convenient inbound and outbound across the frontier” customs clearance mode. In the later stage, as conditions permit, explore for the implementation of inbound and outbound as well as residence policies in the customs supervision area of Shenzhen Park in collaboration with Hong Kong. Accelerate the construction and opening of cross-border dedicated ports in the cooperative zone to provide customs clearance convenience for enterprises and institutes. Implement the “co-location” arrangement at the Huanggang Port and ensure seamless alignment with the port facilities and management systems in Hong Kong.

5.2 Implement the tiered management of goods.

The customs supervision area of Shenzhen Park implements special supervision on goods flowing across the “frontier” and strictly managing customs supervision on goods flowing across the “second tier” and free within the area to facilitate the movement of sci-tech innovative goods. Explore the establishment of a “white list’ system for the fillings and management of institutes and enterprises to implement the customs-facilitated clearance management mode. Detailed management methods will be separately formulated by the Ministry of Finance, the General Administration of Customs, the State Administration of Taxation, and other relevant departments.

5.3 Innovate the cross-border supervision of research-related funds.

Support the mainland and Hong Kong in jointly establishing venture capital funds to invest in sci-tech enterprises in the Greater Bay Area. Allow cross-border funding for research projects in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Further promote the facilitation of cross-border trade and investment for institutes and enterprises on the “white list” in Shenzhen Park. Strengthen the cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong to advance the development of the Greater Bay Area's bond platform. Encourage Shenzhen to formulate supportive policies for the cross-border flow of research-related funds specifically tailored to excellent enterprises within Shenzhen Park while exploring new financial regulation approaches.

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Edited and Translated by Guo Xinxin