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Suzhou issued an action plan to protect ancient towns and villages

2023-10-07 | UPSC



Ancient towns and villages are important carriers of Suzhou's history and culture. They carry the political, economic and cultural information of Suzhou in different historical periods, and are very valuable non-renewable resources. Recently, the Suzhou Municipal Government Office issued "Suzhou ancient towns and villages protection action program", in order to better guide and promote the protection of ancient towns and villages.

Strengthening the protection of ancient towns and villages is of great significance to the inheritance and promotion of Chinese outstanding traditional culture and the implementation of rural revitalization strategy.

The action programme proposed that by 2023, Suzhou City will improve the city's ancient towns and villages protection work system. The relevant county-level cities (districts) should also complete the protection and use of ancient towns and villages programme, and orderly promote the implementation of ancient towns and villages protection. By 2025, Suzhou City ancient towns and villages protection demonstration projects should be implemented and completed one batch each year, forming a regular work promotion mechanism for ancient towns and villages.

After three years of protection and construction, the level of infrastructure in Suzhou's ancient towns and villages should be significantly improved, living facilities facilitated and livable, and the living conditions of the masses significantly improved; heritage-protected buildings, historical buildings, traditional buildings are effectively protected, and historical styles can be restored, so that the ancient towns and villages can become an important window for displaying and promoting Suzhou's outstanding traditional culture.

According to the action program, Suzhou will carry out the establishment of four key tasks, including improving the cultural resources database, comprehensively promote the preparation of protection planning, effectively strengthen the protection management and repair work, and promote the development of towns and villages in a living state.

It also includes "an ancient town a file" "a village a file" "a building a file" in the form of complete preservation of all kinds of graphic information in the process of investigation and registration, to promote the revitalization and utilization of ancient architecture. Ancient architecture revitalization and utilization. In accordance with the policy of "overall protection and organic renewal", more micro-renewal and micro-remodeling methods are adopted to revitalize building functions, enrich business forms and promote rational use. Fully explore the intangible cultural heritage, for different types of resources, put forward reasonable protective development and utilization of methods and initiatives; encourage the organization of traditional festivals and folk activities, and promote the Biluochun, sericulture, rice and other characteristics of agricultural products processing technology rooted in the ancient towns and villages.

In addition, the program also proposed that Suzhou will actively promote the Chenghu and other areas of synergistic development model, series revitalization of ancient towns and villages of historical and cultural resources, to create a number of thematic tourism routes and further promote the "Jiangnan culture" brand.


Translated by Gong Ye