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China Released a Three-Year Action Plan to Promote the Construction of 15-minute Convenient Life Circles in Cities (Part 2)

2023-09-27 | & Xinhua


▲ Parents accompany their children to climb and play on the climbing wall in Wufangyuan Fitness Park, Shijingshan District, Beijing. [Xinhua/Liu Haoyu]

2. Key Implementation Tasks.

2.4 Speed up the use of technology to improve smartness and convenience.

Promoting the implementation of advanced technologies. Encourage the use of technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. to digitalize commodities, stores, members, and supply chains. This will enhance service quality and management efficiency while reducing overall costs. Develop smart stores, shared bookstores, smart parcel lockers, and other business types to provide on-site interaction, contactless transactions, smart settlements, self-service vending, and other services to enhance the digital experience.

 Establishing supply and demand integration platforms. Construct smart service platforms for 15-minute convenience life circles to integrate merchant resources and facilitate online-offline interactions. Utilize big data for monitoring and analysis to enable precise building of outlets, expand service functions, and tap into consumption potential. Promote dynamic maps of 15-minute convenience life circle locations and other convenient service maps.


2.5 Promote employment and entrepreneurship to raise the incomes of community residents.

Facilitate employment opportunities for residents within the community and create a livable and conducive environment for work. Support freelancers in flexible employment, remote work, and part-time jobs, and engage in platform-related businesses like instant retail, catering services, and online training. Support university graduates to start businesses and work in creative industries, personalized and customized cultural businesses, and foster innovation in internet-famous shops, specialty stores, and boutiques. Prioritize is given to recommending jobs for people with disabilities and others facing employment difficulties. Respect the preference of retired individuals and leverage their expertise, encourage their involvement in volunteer service activities, and provide services to retirees with re-employment needs.

3. Guarantee Measures.

3.1 Strengthen the organization.

Localities should fully implement the construction of 15-minute convenience life circles, strengthen the organization and coordinate the progression. Encourage the implementation of the mayor (district mayor) responsibility system, scientifically establish the working system, policy system, and evaluation system, mobilize various forces, and explore the establishment of a long-term mechanism.

3.2 Reinforce policy support.

Advance the inter-departmental coordination, align the construction of 15-minute convenience life circles with the development of urban and rural community service systems, urban renewal, renovation of old residential communities, planning and construction of 15-minute community life circles, and the pilot construction for mature communities, etc. to reinforce policy integration. 

3.3 Optimize the business environment.

Optimize business start-up services and promote the application of electronic licenses and certificates. Under the premise of complying with the production safety requirements, and urban management regulations, and not affecting the daily lives of nearby residents, lay out mobile commercial service facilities, regulate operational practices, and enhance the precision in governance.



Edited and Translated by Guo Xinxin