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Guangdong has incorporated the results of vector data related to historical and cultural cities, towns, blocks into a map of territorial spatial planning

2023-09-14 | UPSC



Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, in conjunction with the Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and the Guangdong Provincial Department of Natural Resources, issued the Measures for the Protection Scope and Delineation of Cultural Relics Protection Units and the Construction Control Zone in Guangdong Province. This further regulates the delimitation of the protection scope and construction control zones of cultural relics protection units in Guangdong Province. According to statistics, Guangdong has 131 national key cultural relics protection units and 887 provincial cultural relics protection units now.

The reporter understands that the approach applies to all levels of cultural relics protection units in Guangdong Province, the scope of protection and construction control zone delimitation and adjustment. This will provide a reference basis for the province's provincial level and above the scope of protection of cultural relics protection units and construction control zone delimitation, but also play a role in strengthening the protection of cultural relics ontology and the surrounding landscape of the control efforts.

Measures emphasize that the preparation of protection planning and protection measures for cultural relics protection units in Guangdong Province should adhere to the new era of cultural relics work policy of "protection first, strengthen management, excavation value, effective use, and let the cultural relics come to life". We should correctly deal with the relationship between cultural relics protection and economic construction, maintain the authenticity of cultural relics, integrity, security and historical environment, and promote the sustainable development of cultural relics protection. We should prepare heritage protection planning for concentrated and large-scale heritage conservation units; for smaller or single Guangdong Province heritage conservation units without large-scale construction activities around them in the near future, protection planning may be suspended, but protection measures should be prepared and announced in accordance with the law.

The measures clearly state that heritage protection planning should be connected with the territorial spatial planning of the location, as well as the special planning of scenic spots, historical and cultural towns and villages, and historical and cultural neighborhoods. After the announcement of the plan, the relevant vector data results should be included in the land spatial planning "a map". The term of the protection plan is generally 10 to 20 years, and in principle, it should be consistent with the term of the territorial spatial planning. The protection plan shall be reassessed and revised before the expiration of the term, and shall remain valid until it is revised.

The Measures stipulate that the protection object consists of the cultural relics body and affiliated cultural relics, and shall set out the list of protected cultural relics and the name, age, type, preservation status, level and history of the protection object. On the basis of the investigation and research of cultural relics protection units, the historical, artistic and scientific value of cultural relics shall be scientifically assessed according to the authenticity and integrity of cultural relics, and the value of cultural relics shall be objectively and accurately elaborated and evaluated, highlighting the core values. It should also analyze and assess the current situation of the cultural relics ontology, protection zoning, protection measures and connection with other plans of the cultural relics protection units, summarize the existing major problems, and analyze the reasons for the existence of the problems and the factors affecting them. Protection zoning includes the cultural relics body, protection scope and construction control zone. We should delineate or adjust the protection area according to the safety, integrity and environmental landscape coordination requirements of the cultural relics protection units. The delineation of the protection area shall be carried out in accordance with the Measures for the Delineation of the Protection Scope and Construction Control Zones of Cultural Relics Protection Units in Guangdong Province.

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Translated by Gong Ye