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Shandong promoted the comprehensive renewal and transformation of urban areas

2023-08-29 | UPSC

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The press office of the Shandong Provincial Government held a press conference on August 4 to explain the "Several Measures on Promoting Comprehensive Renewal and Reconstruction of Urban Areas", which was jointly issued by the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Provincial Department of Natural Resources and other nine departments recently. The"Several Measures" clearly put forward, the future of urban renewal action in Shandong Province will focus on highlighting the comprehensive renewal of the area, promote resource integration, system support, integration to create livable, resilient, smart city.

It is reported that Shandong Province's current resident and household population exceeds 10 billion, and the built-up area of cities (county towns) has reached 7,300 square kilometres. Resource carrying capacity is limited, urbanisation rate growth rate is slowing down, incremental space constraints and other changes in the situation are obvious. The"Several Measures" based on the urban renewal area resource integration, system support, holistic body building, proposed 20 promotional measures in the aspect of scientific planning and demonstration, clear implementation path, strict project management, strengthen the land security, broaden funding channels, carry out pilot demonstrations and so on.

The "Several Measures" makes it clear that urban physical examination should be taken as a prerequisite and foundation for carrying out urban renewal. Municipalities and counties (cities) are required to accelerate the establishment of an urban health check system of "one health check per year, one assessment per five years", prepare special plans for renewal, strengthen surveys and assessments, and accurately find out the causes of urban problems in such areas as intensity of development, availability of housing, public services, also safety and resilience. For urban renewal projects involving old neighbourhoods, old factories and old buildings, it is necessary to carry out surveys on historical and industrial cultural resources, effectively identify renewal resources and values, and strictly prevent large-scale demolition and construction.

Carrying out urban renewal often involves adjusting and optimizing the nature of the original land use, planning and other aspects. The Certain Measures make it clear that while strictly enforcing land use policies and planning management, it sets up supportive systems such as unified planning and construction of sporadic construction land and surrounding land, "supply with programme" and redevelopment of urban low-utility land, as well as stipulating the circumstances under which the plot ratio, nature of the site and building height in the detailed planning can be adjusted appropriately. Fully respecting the existing situation, the actual situation, set up the old city, historical and cultural neighbourhoods pattern style, street texture, green space rate, building density and fire safety level and other aspects of the specific requirements. Such as building density can be controlled in accordance with the current level , building height shall not break through the height requirements of historical and cultural city, historical and cultural neighbourhoods protection planning.


Translated by Gong Ye