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The Belt & Road Initiative Helps the Development of Many Countries Around the World

2023-03-17 | ChinaNews & CNR News

During China's two sessions, a reporter from China-Arab TV said that the Belt and Road Initiative has brought many cooperation opportunities to Arab states.

During China's two sessions, the Belt and Road Initiative has become a hot spot across foreign media, because this year marks the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative. Media workers from various countries believe that the Belt and Road Initiative will bring changes and opportunities to their countries.

Sawood Faisal, a reporter from Pakistan Observer, said that the Belt and Road Initiative is a win-win initiative, which is not only for one country, but opens its arms to welcome the participation of all countries. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, as one of the flagship projects of the BRI, has played an important role in northern Pakistan. And the local infrastructure was built with the help of China, including impressive local roads. Based on his travel experience in northern Pakistan, he realized that the establishment of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has made it easier and more convenient for people to travel locally. Travelling locally used to be so difficult, but now how wonderful it is!

Djorje Samoilovic, a reporter from Serbia, said that the Belt and Road Initiative is the focus of his report because they are also important participants in the BRI. His country has gained a lot from the BRI, especially in fields such as infrastructure and road construction. It brings Serbia closer to the outside world and promotes economic growth. In addition, it facilitates the exchange of culture and ideas among people.

Supachai, a reporter from Thailand, said that as a Thai, he feels that the Belt and Road Initiative has brought many changes to his country. For example, China has helped them develop new energy electric vehicles and now Thailand's public transportation has been replaced with new energy sources, which has also improved the local environment. Besides, the China-Laos Railway will also be connected to Thailand in the future, and Thais and Chinese can also travel to the two countries through this railway. The trade between two countries will be smoother, which helps Thailand to export local durian to China more quickly and Chinese can buy fresh Thai durian and fruits easily.

Dorothy Zisi, a reporter from Times of Zambia, said that China and Zambia have a profound traditional friendship. Since Zambia gained independence, Chinese friends can always be seen in the development of the country. The Belt and Road Initiative has generated many jobs for Zambia and other African countries, and the country has taken on a new look. Zambia is also a beneficiary of the BRI, which involves infrastructure construction and other fields. Especially in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, many local infrastructures were built with the assistance of China under the BRI. For example, the modern Zambia International Conference Center which is the largest conference center in Zambia successfully held an African Union coordination meeting recently. She expects that under the Belt and Road Initiative, more projects will be launched, and more countries will be benefited.

Fang Haoming, a reporter from China-Arab TV, said that the Belt and Road Initiative has increased exchanges between China and Arab states, and brought many opportunities for cooperation and development to Arab states.

When reporting on China's two sessions, Nepalese media emphasized the importance of promoting high-quality joint construction of the Belt and Road. Chandra Prakash Mainali, the General Secretary of Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist-Leninist) and former Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal, said that the process of building the Belt and Road not only benefits Nepal, but also the whole world has shared the results. People all over the world who are keen on development benefit from joint planning and cooperation, and the infrastructure construction and other fields of all countries develop together. This is a great initiative.

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Edited and Translated by Li Tian