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The Central Business District Project of Egypt's New Administrative Capital Built by Chinese Enterprises Continues to Advance

2024-03-25 | People's Daily


Recent Photos of the Egypt New Capital CBD Project

Approximately 50 kilometers east of Cairo, Egypt, a landmark tower standing 385.8 meters tall draws attention. This is the Central Business District project of Egypt's New Administrative Capital (hereinafter referred to as "the Egypt New Administrative Capital CBD project"), constructed by Chinese enterprises. Recently, the first batch of three office buildings in the Egypt New Administrative Capital CBD project officially began acceptance, marking the phased acceptance of the project's office buildings.

The Egypt New Administrative Capital CBD project is a key project of the China-Egypt Belt and Road Initiative, undertaken by the Egypt branch of China State Construction Engineering Corporation. The project covers a total area of 628,000 square meters, including 20 high-rise buildings and supporting municipal projects, comprising 12 high-rise commercial office buildings, five high-rise apartment buildings, and two high-end hotels.

On the site of the Egypt New Administrative Capital CBD project, reporters saw that the main structure of the buildings had been completed, and the exterior decoration and municipal projects were nearly finished, with the glass curtain wall of the landmark tower shining anew. "Recently, our team has been very busy. The two office buildings we are responsible for are about to be completed and delivered, and we are in the final stages of wrapping up," said Wu Liang, the project manager of the P5 section, standing in the newly renovated, spacious and bright office building lobby.

Reflecting on his first arrival at the project site in 2018, Wu Liang's memories are still vivid. "We drove from Cairo, heading straight east into the desert. After more than two hours of driving, we arrived at the project site, and when I opened my mobile map, there was no signal, with the location hanging in the middle of the desert. Opening the car door, a whirlwind of sand hit us," said Wu Liang. Through the relentless efforts of the Chinese and Egyptian builders, high-rise buildings emerged from the desolate desert, gradually turning a new city in the desert into reality. The project, which started its survey work on May 2, 2018, and topped out on August 8, 2021, took just over three years. Entering the standard layer construction phase, the construction pace was maintained at one floor every five to six days, with the fastest floor completed in just 100 hours. "During the construction process, we worked hard alongside our Egyptian colleagues, setting multiple construction records, and we feel proud and honored," Wu Liang said.

Hisham, an Egyptian engineer who has been fighting alongside Chinese colleagues at the construction site for nearly six years, told reporters that he has witnessed the day-to-day changes in the Egypt New Administrative Capital CBD project and greatly admires the responsibility and dedication of Chinese builders. "Before the project began, Egypt lacked the technology and experience to construct super-tall buildings. Chinese enterprises not only brought advanced technology, experience, and equipment but also taught us how to use these tools and how to address problems that arose during the construction process," Hisham said. Chinese companies have not only advanced the construction with quality and quantity but also trained a large number of local professionals, promoting local economic and social development.

Ahmed, a 25-year-old local worker at the project site, has been involved in the construction since November 2022, learning alongside Li Deshan, a Chinese master in wall conduit installation. This job involves operating cutting machines and other electromechanical equipment for tasks such as slotting and polishing walls. To ensure safety, Li Deshan patiently reminds his apprentice of the precautions before starting work and teaches him how to use the cutting machine for smooth, straight cuts. After some time of getting acquainted, Ahmed operated in front, while Li Deshan did the piping behind, forming a highly coordinated team. "Thanks to the guidance from the Chinese master, I've learned the skill of wall conduit installation. I hope to continue improving this skill and strive for a better life," said Ahmed.

The Egypt New Administrative Capital CBD project has entered the acceptance phase in batches, with many builders still diligently working on-site, racing against time to complete the electromechanical installations and other subsequent tasks. Cheng Yapeng, the chief electrician of the D01 residential building, is among them. "To complete the work with single-minded dedication and quality is our builders' top priority," said Cheng Yapeng, "We are honored to participate in the Belt and Road project."

"The Egypt New Administrative Capital CBD project is a symbol of Egypt-China friendship," said Egyptian Prime Minister Madbouly. During the construction of the project, Chinese companies introduced and promoted advanced management models and construction technologies, driving local employment and advancing the development of Egypt's construction industry. "I believe the successful implementation of this project will greatly alleviate Cairo's population and traffic pressures, attract international investment, promote the economic development of Egypt, and help Egypt achieve its 'Vision 2030'."

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Translated by Li Wei