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Chinese Enterprise Commences Official Operation of Abu Qir Port in Egypt

2024-01-30 | Xinhua


This is an aerial photograph of the Abu Qir Container Terminal taken in Alexandria, Egypt, on December 1, 2023

On the morning of January 9, local time in Egypt, the Chinese cargo ship 'Zhonggu Jilin', carrying 2,000 standard containers, docked at the Abu Qir Container Port Terminal in Alexandria, Egypt's second-largest city. This marks the official commencement of operations for the 600-meter quay line of the Abu Qir Container Terminal project, constructed by China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd. (referred to as 'China Harbour').

Duan Kun, the head of China Harbour's Egypt branch, reported that since the start of construction in March 2021, the project team has overcome numerous challenges and maintained good progress. There have been no incidents related to safety, quality, or environmental protection since the beginning of the project. In October 2023, the project delivered the first phase of construction to the client on schedule, including the completion of the initial 600 meters of quay line and the associated yard facilities, fully preparing for the terminal's opening.

The Abu Qir Container Terminal project in Egypt is fully contracted by China Harbour. The project is currently in its second phase of construction, focusing on the addition of buildings, revetments, fencing, electrical installations, communications, and other related auxiliary facilities.

It is understood that the construction of the Abu Qir Container Terminal project in Egypt has, to date, provided over 2,000 direct job opportunities locally. Once the terminal is fully operational, its annual throughput capacity is expected to reach 2 million standard containers. This will significantly boost the local economy, not only increasing employment but also promoting the development of Egypt's maritime trade industry and driving the continuous development of related industrial chains.

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Translated by Li Wei