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This planning research team of SEU has been "praised" by many international parties!

2023-11-15 | Southeast University

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative. The Third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation has attracted much attention. The "Belt and Road" industrial park development and planning research team in Southeast University (SEU), China – A team led by Prof. Wang Xingping has been actively devoted in international exchanges and cooperation, with the relevant achievements recognized and highly praised by international parties.

In recent years, Prof. Wang's team has been invited by the international level many times for international consultation and discussion, undertaking research programs, giving training lectures, providing planning technical assistance, etc., to share China’s experience in the development and planning of industrial parks in multiple ways, and contribute to the Belt and Road Initiative with practical actions.

Development and planning of industrial park is one of the key research fields of SEU, and it is also one of the key areas of cooperation and exchange between SEU and global partners. In January 2022, Prof. Wang's team was invited to attend the online technical consultation meeting on the Feasibility Study Report for the GADA Special Economic Zone Project in Oromia Regional State of Ethiopia, and provided a formal proposal of suggestions for the GADA Special Economic Zone Development Corporation of Ethiopia, which has been accepted. In early September this year, GADA Special Economic Zone Development Corporation sent a letter of appreciations to SEU for Prof.Wang and his team for reviewing the Feasibility Study Report for the GADA Special Economic Zone, Ethiopia's first special economic zone. The experience shared in the development and planning of sustainable industrial parks and the recommendations provided for the Feasibility Study Report have greatly facilitated the optimization of the Report, the letter said. The feasibility study will guide the implementation and subsequent development of the master plan for the GADA Special Economic Zone. In the letter, the Development Corporation also expressed its wishes for further cooperation with SEU on the development and operation of the SEZ project.


Prof.Wang was talking with the local labors in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia 

Photo by Zhao Shengbo


Letter of appreciations from the GADA Special Economic Zone Development Corporation

Source: Southeast University

Prof. Wang's team has maintained close contact and had a number of collaborations with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) since 2019. Prof. Wang was invited to attend the Expert Group Meeting on the International Guidelines for Industrial Parks at UNIDO headquarters in Vienna, Austria, and held discussions on the Guidelines with experts from UNIDO, FAO, the World Bank, the European Investment Bank and other international organizations, as well as experts from India, Canada and other countries. To promote the implementation of the Guidelines, Prof. Wang's team has successively joined in the Comparative Research on the Localized Performance Indicator Systems of the International Guidelines for Industrial Parks in China and participated in the Pilot Demonstration Project of the Localized Indicator System. In addition, the team has been invited to the conference and training activities of UNIDO for many times, such as lecturing in the Asia-Pacific Industrial Park Leadership Training, attending the 2023 South-South Cooperation and Service Trade International Forum, the sixth Hongqiao International Economic Forum, etc.

The team has also maintained close contact with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and cooperated a lot in the field of industrial parks and urban development planning. The Series monograph of Belt and Road Industrial Park Research edited by Prof. Wang was highly praised by experts of UNECA, who believed that the research has important reference significance for the development of industrial parks in African countries. Wang was also invited to attend the online expert seminar of UNECA on the State of Urbanization 2020-Cities Gateways for Africa’s Regional Economic Integration.

The team was also commissioned by SINOMA International (Nigeria) to prepare the "Development Plan for the SINOMA Industrial Park in Nigeria ". On the basis of in-depth research and analysis, the team conducted scientific demonstration, research and judgment, planning and design for the development of the park, and the planning was highly recognized and adopted by the owner.

Besides, at the invitation of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC), the team is providing international assistance for the development of industrial parks in Gulbakot City,Nepal, since this Februrary, as the planning technical assistance provider.


Letter from Gulbakot City,Nepal, to invite SEU to provide technical support for planning

Source: Southeast University


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Translated by Zhao Shengbo