Xi Jinping: Developing Green Economy and Ecological Civilization

2021-09-02 | Politics People & Hebnews

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On August 23, 2021, President Xi Jinping investigated the Shang-Hai Memorial Forest of Sai Han Ba Forest Farm in Hebei Province and pointed out that we should carry forward the “Sai Han Ba Spirit” to develop green economy and ecological civilization.

President Xi checked the growth of trees and inquired how the “Sai Han Ba spirit” promoted high-quality development. Xi exchanged ideas with the forest farm worker representatives that“What you have done is very demonstrative and has an encouraging and far-reaching impact on the development of ecological civilization”. He stressed that“Sai Han Ba Spirit is an integral part of the Party’s founding mission , and we should carry forward this spirit and develop green economy and ecological civilization well”. He continued that “Sai Han Ba should have a deeper understanding of the concept of ecological civilization for the persistent efforts and contributions to our country”.

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Origin of Shang Hai Memorial Forest

Shang-Hai Memorial Forest is located in the original Ma Ti Keng Afforestation, the birthplace of “Sai Han Ba Spirit”. It is named to commemorate Wang Shang-hai, the first Party Secretary of Sai Han Ba Forest Farm who came to manage the forest farm right after its establishment in 1962.

Shang Hai Memorial Forest

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Spirit of Sai Han Ba 

The environment of Sai Han Ba is extremely bad  in the early 1960s when the farm was established. Under extremely difficult conditions, the foresters created 1.12 million mu of artificial forest on more than 95% of the total land reclamation. Consequently, the forest coverage rate increased from 11.4% to more than 80%, and the total volume of forest, meanwhile, reached 10.12 million cubic meters. Sai Han Ba people have successfully built the largest concentrated and contiguous artificial forest on the vast wasteland, cultivating the “Sai Han Ba Spirit” of-hard work, scientific realism, selfless and dedication, which is not only full of their lofty aspirations to green economy, but also reflects their unique ideal pursuit of ecological civilization.

The wasteland before the construction of Sai Han Ba

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Today’s Sai Han Ba

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Edited and translated by Chai Ning