2018 ISOCARP-UPSC YPP (Young Planners program) in Xi’an


July 22nd to July 27th 2018, ISOCARP and UPSC co-organized the 2018 YPP (Young Planners program) in Xi’an. This year’s program is themed as Industrial Heritage Protection and Regional Rejuvenation. Twenty-four young planners from China and abroad gathered at the Xi'an Old Steel Plant to design creative industry parks.

Shi Nan, vice president of ISOCARP and executive vice president and secretary general of UPSC, Zeynep Gunay, Vice President of ISOCARP. Zheng Degao, director of Youth Committee of Urban Planning Society of China, were all at the site to guide the work.

Under the leadership of Zeynep Gunay, Vice President of ISOCARP, five tutors including Yunwei ZHAO from Woodhead International Architectural Design Group, Haiqing CHANG of Xi'an University of Architectural Science and Technology, Chunkai LIU of Xi'an Urban Planning and Design Research Institute and Sylvie Nguyen, of the University of Hong Kong, Fedor Kudryavtsev of the ArchNOVA from Urban Research and Engineering Laboratory in Moscow, carefully tutored the young planners in a short period of five days.

After a number of field studies and round table discussions with local residents, local managers, urban developers and other relevant stakeholders, The four groups finally formed their final reports based on four dimensions: economic development (economic prosperity), social integration (social inclusion), ecological restoration (ecological resilience) and sustainable livability (sustainable & livable), and put forward their corresponding countermeasures.

The International Young Planners’ Program (YPP) is one of important Young Planning Professionals' Promotion projects of UPSC.

 Field studies

 Investigations of the local officials

 Map analysis

 Tutor instruction seminar

 Group discussion