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Organizational Chart



UPSC has 5 working committees, i.e. organization, youth, academic work, publication, and organizational standard.

As of 2018, UPSC has developed 21 academic committees, i.e. regional planning and urban economy, residential planning, landscape and environmental planning, historical and cultural city planning, small town planning, overseas planning, infrastructure and engineering planning, high-tech application, urban safety and disaster mitigation planning, urban ecological planning, urban design, urban transport planning, urban planning history and theory, urban photography, comprehensive planning, mountain area planning, planning implementation, rural planning and development, governance and policy study, urban regeneration, and regulatory detailed planning.

The Secretariat is responsible for coordination UPSC’s daily work, which has 4 departments, i.e. Liaison Office, Consultant Department, City Planning Review in Chinese, and China City Planning Review in English. The former Secretary Generals include AN Yongyu, ZHOU Ganzhi and XIA Zonggan, the current Secretary General is SHI Nan.