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Prime Reserve Farmland

2021-06-09 | UPSC

Prime Reserve Farmland refers to specific protected areas demarcated by township (town) in accordance with the general plans for the land utilization and legal procedures for the purpose of exercising special protection to prime farmland. It is organized and implemented by the land administrative departments and the agricultural administrative departments of the county-level governments.

According to the ‘Land Management Law’, the following cultivated land shall be designated as prime reserve farmland according to general plans for the land utilization, and be managed strictly: 

1. Cultivated land within the grain, cotton, or oil production bases approved by the competent departments under the State Council or the local governments at or above the county level; 

2. Cultivated land with good hydraulic, water and soil conservation facilities, or those medium and low yield fields that are being transformed or could be transformed; 

3. Vegetable production base; 

4. The experimental fields of agricultural scientific research or teaching; 

5. The other cultivated land designated as prime reserve farmland following the provisions of the State Council.

Translated by Yifei Zhang