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CITY DNA A Research Project by UPSC& Energy Fundation(China)


I. Background

In China, appropriate urban planning and design have the potential to save very substantial amounts of energy, carbon emissions and air pollutants at virtually no additional cost. But the time window for such policy actions is limited, since most major urban infrastructures, land uses and spatial patterns will be fully implemented in no more than the next 10-15 years. The aim of this project is to develop urban form assessment tools that must be operational for planners and policy makers.

II. Results to Date

1 Main activities carried out

1.1 Platform development. The project has developed four tool modules: Urban Form, Place Type, Scenario Planning and TOD China.

1) The first module Urban From provides urban planners and researchers with dynamic visualization of multi-dimension information in population, economy, transportation et al as spatial context for planning and design practices.

2) The second module Place Type presents a quantitative approach to classify different place types for planners. It is a professional tool evaluating the impact of place type over households’ travel choice, energy use, carbon emission and so on.

3) The third module Scenario Planning has combined the visualization module from Urban Form and analytic module Place Type to offer planers with a quantitative driven, instant interactive online planning tool.

4) The fourth module TOD China is an interactive visualization for China urban rail transportation planning and development.

5) Besides these four modules, a website standard framework is also established to organize separate entrances and equip them with social media sharing functions.

2 Basic conclusions of investigations and analysis

The developed city data and analysis cloud platform has a clear business orientation, is easy to use and is featured by its visual identity. It is in line with global counter parts and has demonstrated considerable influence in domestic and global planning realms and relevant industries.