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Administrative structure (general features, organisational structure)

The former Ministry of Construction (MOC) was recently replaced by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD) to be in charge of planning administration at national level. The provincial Construction Administrations/Commissions and Planning Bureaus are in charge of planning administration at provincial levels. The Municipal and County Planning Bureaus are in charge of planning administration at local levels.

Administrative competences for planning (from central government to local communes)

Planning legislation

The promulgation and implementation of Urban Planning Act in 1990 was the major milestone of planning legislation in China. The act was replaced by Urban and Rural Planning Act in 2007, which emphasizes the integration both urban and rural areas. A series of related planning law were promulgated to form a multilevel and comprehensive system of laws and regulations along with the Urban and Rural Planning Act.
This system is divided into 2 sub-systems: vertical system and horizontal system.
The vertical system has 4 levels. Planning laws, ordinances, regulations are issued by different level of authorities.

The horizontal system consists of principal act, subsidiary legislation and other relevant law.