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Urban regeneration for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic ——The New Bajiao Amusement Park

2021-08-26 | L&A Design

At 156 Fushi Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing, there is a piece of vacant land that has been abandoned for more than two years. I have looked at this ruin from a distance more than once, nostalgic for its former appearance and longing for its future glory. Until one day, the place was revitalized and became a paradise full of laughter. Bathed in the afterglow of the setting sun, Children with bare feet wading in the happiest splash of childhood. Old people strolling leisurely with shaking their fans. In the circular and repeating days, such a place, allowing you to leave behind the usual worries, to encounter unexpected surprises, to discover the place where dreams begin.


From “break” to “stand” is bound to be accompanied by soft pain. More or more surprises after the rebirth. The project site was originally located in Beijing’s Shijingshan District in the Laoshan Morning Market, which was densely populated with street vendors, crowded with people, and exposed to the safety hazards of 220 kV high-voltage towers that brought trouble to the surrounding residents. Meanwhile, just four kilometers to the west of the site, Shougang Western Ten Winter Olympic Plaza has already taken shape, with the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee and numerous Winter Olympic venues about to be settled. In the context of the city’s rapid development, this place gradually becomes out of place.

The site © 奥雅设计

In 2018, the Beijing Public Space Urban Design Competition, co-organized by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform, and the Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Management, brought this long-abandoned site back into the spotlight. In the competition, L&A Design won the best award for “Stitching the City - Bajiao New Paradise”, which also opened a new story of the site.

General plan © 奥雅设计

Facing the special location of the main road of the Winter Olympics, the restrictions of high-voltage towers, and the needs of the residents of Bajiao Street, how to bring the Winter Olympics spirit and winter Olympic sports into the community, while optimizing the urban space and improving the quality of life of the residents? We finally decided to reshape the site and create a new look for Bajiao. The site is divided into two areas, north and south, according to whether it is suitable for activities. The main activity space and the main large tree planting are set outside the 15-meter range line of the high-voltage tower, while the highest structure in the site does not exceed 10 meters.

Axonometric © 奥雅设计

The design unites various green spaces and facilities in the surrounding area to form a pan-octagonal park system, bringing residents who are cut off from each other into the public space without barriers through a stitching city design, planting the seeds of Winter Olympic sports in the hearts of children, and allowing 15,000 citizens in seven surrounding communities to have parks to visit and sports to participate in within 500 meters of their homes.

Park after renovation © 奥雅设计


The Birth of Paradise, From Laoshan Morning Market to Paradise for All, From High Voltage Corridor to Winter Olympic Stadium, Day and Night in the Bajiao amusement park, Igniting another kind of fireworks. The abandoned site was transformed into Beijing’s first high-quality Winter Olympics-themed civic recreation park, energizing the site and the city as a whole with an interactive and shared governance model. For the residents who live in Beijing’s Bajiao Street, a whole new culture and story, has begun.

Aerial view of the playground © 奥雅设计

Winter Olympic elements interpretation scene

An iconic structure, the heart of the entire site, we hope to see it when driving through from Fushi Road, as a highlight on the main road leading to the Olympic Organizing Committee.

The structure in the shape of “snow mountain” © 奥雅设计

View from inside the “snowflake” © 奥雅设计

Diagram of the “snow mountain” and “snowflake” © 奥雅设计

Looking south from Fushi Road, through the faint greenery, the structure in the shape of “snow mountain” and “snowflake” inspired by the elements of the Winter Olympics jumps out at you. Using snow mountains as the design inspiration for the ice and snow theme, for the use of different age groups, set up a safe climbing, slides and other game space, the use of the “snow mountain” image of the structure, the design of the viewing platform, the use of fog spray, projection lighting and other technological elements to create a dream scene of the ice and snow world.

For the use of different age groups © 奥雅设计

The game space © 奥雅设计

The interior space of the Snow Mountain structure has been created as a “Snow Mountain Classroom” to provide more possibilities for neighborhood socialization. Community concerts, science classes, Picture Book reading area …… People are constantly creating new ways of using and activities here. When night falls, from Fushi Road, the snowy mountain under the waterline light reveals a light blue glow, full of peace and calm.

View of the Snow structure over the pool © 奥雅设计

All-age fun and joyful field

It is important for the site to create the atmosphere and state in mind to play the games, not to design specific details of the game in a particular way. In our space, we gather all the love of children, but also let the adults return to childhood. Basketball, soccer, climbing, slide, sand pit, water treading, adults and children digging sand together and treading water in the pool together. The sunken water plaza is designated as a multifunctional viewing and performing activity area, serving as an ice skating ground in winter and a water play area in summer to meet people’s demand for water-friendly activities. Citizens spontaneously bring ocean balls to enjoy the happiest summer here.

The sunken water plaza © 奥雅设计

Children indulge in playing in the sand pit area, soft sand and bottom plastic for the safety of children’s activities to provide security, the joy overflowed in everyone’s face.

The sand pit area © 奥雅设计

The sunset stretches out the shadows, and the laughter of children chasing and playing reaches far and wide from the unique street style art terrain. The staggered art terrain area creates a new gathering space for young people living around the area, with skateboards, roller skates, balance bikes, and various activities giving new life to the site.

The staggered art terrain area © 奥雅设计

Enjoy the Winter Olympics Stadium

Making full use of the site and enriching the tour line, creating an internal wrapping space around the site and setting up five functional groups of the site: senior, youth, teenagers, children and integrated.

Forming a complete running loop © 奥雅设计

Based on the current situation of the site and comfort test, under the condition of high-voltage corridor, the activity site is suitable to be designed in the sunken space, or with the help of shed, fence, plants to pull away the sight distance from the high-voltage line, providing a more secure psychological security. A 400-meter-long running track is set up around the park to form a complete running loop, and the blue plastic paving is matched with snow patterns on the ground, fully echoing the main theme of the Winter Olympics. The breeze blows, the leaves sway, and people wander in the infinite greenery, free and relaxed.

At the same time, the park has set up a dryland hockey field, a sunken street basketball court, a sunken five-a-side soccer field and other venues to bring popular sports, especially the Winter Olympics, deep into the hearts of the people, so that more people can experience the charm of the Winter Olympics and inspire enthusiasm and concern for the Winter Olympics.

Details of the playground © 奥雅设计


As the winning entry of the 2018 Beijing Public Space Urban Design Competition, BAJIAO AMUSEMENT PARK is the first landed project among 10 public space plots in Beijing. During its trial opening in May 2021, it attracted an average of about 2,000 visitors per day, with a maximum daily reception of over 8,000, ranking among the list of hitting places on major media platforms and steadily occupying the top 3 positions in the popularity list of Beijing Park Square in Tik tok App. A good urban public space does not exist just for the sake of existence, but people wish it to exist, people are willing to come here and stay here, and the activities that happen here together make the space meaningful. Everyone manages the city and shares the regeneration. The designer and the user co-create, the designer gives the space a certain functional form, and the user presents a complete new life scene. All the beautiful, comfortable and new surprising way of living that comes out of this space is the city life generator.

Details © 奥雅设计

Special thanks to:

the competition organizer:

Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources

Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform

Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Management

Competition organizer:

Beijing University of Architecture Future Urban Design High Precision Innovation Center

Beijing Shijingshan District People’s Government

Beijing Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Commission Shijingshan Branch

Beijing Shijingshan District Landscape and Greening Department

Beijing Shijingshan District Urban Comprehensive Management Committee

Beijing Shijingshan District People’s Government Bajiao Street Office

For their great support to this project!

Project name: Beijing Bajiao Amusement park

Project Location: 156 Fushi Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing

Project Type: Urban Renewal Public Space

Landscape area: 28346m2

Construction unit: Beijing Shijingshan District People’s Government Bajiao Street Office

Landscape Design: L&A Design Beijing Public Construction Division,Urban Public Space Group,Technical Support Group,Plant Design Group

Landscape construction: Beijing Municipal Four Construction Engineering Co.

Construction of children’s facilities: Shenzhen Luojia Culture Investment Management Co.

Design time: October 2018 - October 2019

Completion time: June 2021

Writing / L&A Design Beijing Urban Public Space Group

Editor / Manman

Translator / Mooool

Photography / Lonicera photo,Xiu Guangyi


Edited by Jia Mengyuan