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The 2015 World Cities Day


During the two days’ forum, UPSC hosted an Experts’ Dialogue on Urban design and City Vigor.

Vice president and secretary general of UPSC, Dr. SHI Nan moderated the heated discussion. Mr Zhuang Shaoqin, head of the Shanghai planning and land resources management bureau, pointed out that Shanghai’s urban regeneration is transforming with new endeavors. As Shanghai is switching the urban development mode, its urban regeneration is also switching from the  demolition of old district at large scale to organic regeneration in small units. People-first and inclusive city is the goal.

Tang Zilai, executive council member of UPSC and professor of Tongji university, broke down to four dimensions of urban regeneration, i.e., economic dimension for incubation new economic functions, social dimension for caring for the disadvantaged, cultural dimension for conserving historical sources, and urban morphological dimension for shaping the unique characteristics of an area.

Mr. Keita NAGAO, head of the Bureau of Urban Development from Tokyo Metropolitan Government, gave a presentation on approach to Urban Regeneration in Tokyo Metropolis with 2020 as a turning point. He thoroughly introduced the potentials of Tokyp, Tokyo Olympic and the Establishment of “The Long-Term Vision for Tokyo”, Japanese national economic policy and practice of urban redevelopment and the study on Urban Development “Grand Design”。

Mr. Kees Christiaanse, founder of KACP of the Netherlands and professor at ETH Zürich, gave a presentation on contemporary urban transformation strategies in inner cities such as Paris, Hamburg and Singapore.