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Habitat III /Urban Planning Society of China (UPSC) and Italian Institute of Planning(IIP) co-organized dialogue on Urban Spatial Strategies: Land Market and Segregation.


UPSC and Italian Institute of Planning co-organized the No.6 Policy Unit, Urban Spatial Strategies: Land Market and Segregation. Shi Nan, vice-president and secretary-general of Urban Planning Society of China(UPSC) and Pietro Garau, coordinator of international affairs of National Institute of Urbanism (INU) from Italy moderated the whole session. Invited speakers such as Ms. Maryse Gauthier from French government, Ms. Nadime Yaver from Bogda bureau of public space management Columbia, and Mr. Sameh Wahba from city and regional planning department of World Bank shared their insightful ideas on the importance of spatial planning, and how to use land to create equality and mitigate segregationas a resource for public investment.

SHI Nan pointed out in his speech that, cooperation at all levels, such as inter-governmental, inter-departmental, and inter-NGOs are greatly emphasized in New Urban Agenda. During the preparation of policy unit 6, UPSC and INU worked closely to study on this subject. In the future, when every country is implementing New Urban Agenda, we may encounter the problem of a lack of capacity. Professional groups such as UPSC should take the responsibility not only by educating and training urban planners, but also by using public media to eduate the generral public. Decision makers and general publich should be aware about challenges and opportunities of urbanization, and learn about the indispensable role of urban palnning.