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Habitat III /International Society of City and Regional Planners(ISOCARP) Hosted a Side Even on New Urban Agenda and Smart Cities


Oct. 19.2016, International Society of City and Regional Planners(ISOCARP) hosted a side even on Smart Cities during Habitat III. The president of ISOCARP, professor Ric Stephens invited Dr. SHI Nan, vice-president and secretary-general of UPSC, Ms. Anette Galskjot, CEO of IFHP, Ms. Monica Zimmermann, vice secreatry general of ICLEI, Mr. Trudy Elliot, secretary-general of RTPI, Timothy Darby Van Epp, president of international branch of APA and other honored guests to discuss smart cities and New Urban Agenda.

ISOCARP played an active role during the prepartion of Habitat III. Apart from its experts joining in issue papers and policy papers relatively, ISOCARP promoted the foundation of General Assembly of Partners(GAP), which had been set up for 18 months with 16 Partner Constituent Groups of over 1200 members in 5800 networks. UPSC is one of the key members in the Constituent Group of Professionals in GAP. The key submission of GAP, Partnerships for the New Urban Agenda, is a visionary document that enunciates the roles stakeholders are willing and able to take on the implementation of the New Urban Agenda, many of which are diffused within the Agenda.