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UNOSSC praised the service mechanism of city’s public participation after the community visit in Qiaxia, Nanjing

2021-07-21 | yangtse

(,24 June 2021)Recently the Urban Program Consultant of UNOSSC, Mr. Mu Jingchuan led a delegation to visit the outstanding urban governance achievements in Nanjing, China. In the afternoon of June 24, the delegation came to Longtan Street, Qixia District, and visited the urban governance service station of Long’an Garden Community and related service results of public participation. The delegation was accompanied by Yuan Wenfeng, the Deputy District Mayor of Qixia District, Xue Kunli, the Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of the Urban Management Bureau of Qixia District, and Wang Yu, Secretary of the Party Committee of Longan Garden Community. Mu Jingchuan admired the achievements made by Qixia Urban Management Bureau and Longtan Street.

The urban governance service station of Long’an Garden Community located on Longtao Road involves the alliance autonomous group of community and merchants, the comprehensive administrative law enforcement inspection team of the street, Longtan urban management law enforcement squadron, property, traffic police, market, cleaning and volunteer service teams, etc., as well as district and street public committees, party member representatives, and resident representatives. Residents can come to the service station to complain about consumption problems in shops along the street, property problems, and urban governance-related problems, and they can also call the hotline for help.

The delegation of UNOSSC visited Longtan Street, Qixia District


The original intention of this visit was to learn advanced urban management cases in developing countries, and to spread and share them to other countries, Mu Jingchuan said. The visit in Long’an Garden is an excellent learning opportunity, not only worthy of promotion in Nanjing, but also to the international communities. Long'an Garden's public participation in urban governance coincides with the UN’s concept of multiple co-governance, and is a model for other regions to learn from. Mu Jingchuan said that there are two key aspects of urban governance. One is to start with children and then attracts the whole family. The other is to transform local governments from managers to co-managers, so that the grassroots can also become the masters of urban governance, which could be most effective.

The delegation of UNOSSC visited Longtan Street, Qixia District


Ms. Liu Xiaoli, the Director of Public Liaison Office, Nanjing Urban Governance Office, also expressed her appreciation to Longtan Street. She emphasized that the motivation of government staff in Qixia District is very high, and the effect of multiple co-governance is excellent. How to operate normally in the future will still be the focus, and it can be promoted to the city and even internationally after successful exploration.


Translated by Zhao Shengbo