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2019 ANPC Special session 2:Mutual Learning Dialogue on Urban Development between China and Europe

2019-11-06 | UPSC

Co-organizers: School of Architecture of Tsinghua University & China Center for Urban Development (CCUD)

Background: China and Europe are the birthplaces of world civilization, but the background, mode and stage of urban development are different. The particularity of China's urban development lies in its huge size, tense human-land relationship, special institutional environment and unique urban-rural relationship. Europe is the pioneer of urban development in the world, and has accumulated rich experience. Especially in cultural cities, green cities, sponge cities, intelligent cities and water environment governance; it has advanced concepts and technical support. Promoting sustainable urban development has become a common challenge for both China and Europe. Both sides regard "people-oriented" as the core requirement of future urban development.

To meet common challenges, China and Europe should strengthen all-round cooperation and achieve common development in cooperation. This special session is based on the China-EU Sustainable Urbanization Cooperation Project, which is led by The China Academy of Urban Planning and Design (CAUPD) in China and is jointly implemented with a consortium of 16 other European scientific research institutions.

At 9:00-12:00am October 20 in Chongqing, the chairperson Mr. YANG Baojun(UPSC Executive council member, President of China Academy of Urban Planning and Design), Rapporteur

Ms. LIU Jian(Professor of Institute of Architectural and Urban Studies of Tsinghua University, Executive Editor-in-Chief of China City Planning Review(English)),together with panelists including MIN Xiying(President of Urban Planning Institute of China Center for Urban Development (CCUD), Professor-level senior engineer), CHEN Sidong(Deputy bureau of Huzhou Natural Resources and Planning), LIU Chang(General Manager of Triangle Culture and Tourism Research Institute, China Academy of Urban Planning and Design), LIU Jiayan(Associate professor of Institute of Architectural and Urban Studies of Tsinghua University),Bernhard Müller(Germany) (Academician of the German Academy of Engineering), Massimo Bagnasco(Vice president of the European Urban Chamber of Commerce in China),Bernhard Müller(Former Mayor of Neule, Secretary-general of Austria Urban Forum), Alberto Bologona (associate professor of Politecnico di Torino - Department of Architecture and Design (DAD), Lars Eskild Jensen(Academician of the German Academy of Engineering)。

Discussion topics include:

1. Policy Practice and Innovation of "People-oriented" Urban Development in China- Europe;

2. Innovative Means and Methods of Urban Renewal in China- Europe;

3. Urban planning and development roadmap for green cities and circular economy in China-